More to do in Moreton Bay
Nabeel Issa

The fishing just keeps getting hotter! The Southern Bay has been fishing great with all sorts of species coming on the bite this spring. Bream, mulloway and snapper have been around in good numbers. Plenty of anglers have been getting out there and stuck into them. The weather has also helped, with some awesome mornings over the past month. Moreton Bay is a great place to be at this time of the year.


October saw the temperatures rise with the hint that summer is well and truly on its way. This time of year proves to be great for targeting big yellowfin bream, especially if it’s not something you’ve done a lot. As the water warms, the bream become less lethargic and readily attack lures with plenty of gusto.

Most of the bay islands are worth a shot. Look to get as shallow as you can, as the fish will move well up into the banks searching for food. I like using pencil shaped lures as they cast very well and have an enticing action when worked on the surface. Small poppers are also very effective in these shallow water situations.

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