Bluewater action heats up as weather cools
Jeff Wilton

Queenfish are built for speed and excitement.

It has always amazed me how quickly you can get warmed up in winter when that rod loads up as a fast powerful fish rips off some line. It’s winter time in Lucinda and the bluewater is where the fun is at.

The channel can become quite tough to consistently find fish, so all eyes are on the weather forecasts. Fingers crossed the best days are when you’re not stuck at work, and I can guarantee you that plenty of the locals keep a few sick days up their sleeve just in case the weather is perfect.

Up until this month, it had been a typical windy few months with some above average rainfall thrown in as well. Winter is dictated with strong southerly winds that can seem to blow relentlessly for weeks on end. This can cause a sense of cabin fever and is very annoying, as there are plenty of fish out there that need to be caught. The only positive I can say about the constant bad weather is the fact that the fish stocks haven’t been affected. Let’s see what July has to offer here in Lucinda.


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