September is sweet in Port Stephens
Paul Lennon

September is a reset button on the fishing season in Port Stephens, once we hit it everything starts again. Winter fish fade away. At the same time, other fish are coming on with each month from here, bringing bigger numbers as well as new species to target.

The good thing about fishing right now is a real cross over period with species like flathead, whiting and kingfish all starting to show up while predominantly winter species can also still be targeted.


We should see an influx of kingfish in the harbour this month, particularly around Nelson Bay Rock wall and inside of the marina. Early morning high tides will be prime time to connect to a king. The best method is either to cast stickbaits and poppers, or lob out a lightly weighted live squid. These fish are often 10kg or more and will make short work of inadequate gear. Go for 30lb braid and 40lb leaders.

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