The winter species are coming on
Liam Jones

Isla Churchill didn’t muck around with her first legal flathead. She landed this 60cm beast while camping at 1770.

With the cooler weather moving in, the winter species have followed. This is an exciting time of year in the Gladstone region. There are still plenty of summer species floating around while the winter species are beginning to show up in good numbers.

Blue salmon are becoming more prolific throughout the harbour narrows and Calliope River. With the better weather and clean water there are good numbers of doggy and spotted mackerel around in the right places. Most of the shipping leads in the southern channel hold schools of mackerel as well as the Goat Rocks and Seal Rocks to the south. Cape Capricorn and North Entrance to the north generally hold good schools when conditions are right.

Spanish mackerel are likely to show up in good numbers. Bustard Head and Rundle Island are the most likely haunts. The best baits have been trolled whole doggy mackerel, hairtail or big fresh gar if you can get a hold of them. Most good tackle stores should have good gar and hairtail throughout winter as they become more available.

Turkey Beach and its surrounds have been fishing really well for flathead and whiting throughout May and June. Working the incoming tide and fishing over exposed yabby beds seems to be working for the bigger whiting. On a recent trip, we managed a good feed all on small poppers and stickbaits.

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