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Mark Bargenquast

Summer is on its way with our daytime temperatures hitting 38°C. The weather isn’t the only thing that’s been hot – the fishing is going off too!

The past few weeks have seen excellent numbers of big Spaniards averaging 10-18kg with the odd larger fish as well. Usual areas like the 3 Mile, Speedys, 9 Mile and just about anywhere in between have there fair shares of fish where you find birds working over bait.

Spaniards need to be handled well if you are to release them. Unhook them in the water, as a fish taken aboard for pictures is doomed to die, so you’re better off eating it rather than feeding it back to the sharks! Longtail tuna have been patchy, but a few have been offshore on the 20m line. Sailfish numbers are good with the odd small black marlin mixed in. Reefies are biting well with golden snapper, sweetlips, tuskies and trout on livies, green prawns and crab baits.

The annual barra season spawning closure is now on in the Gulf, but prior to that they were showing in good numbers. Weipa is famous for its pygmy strain of barra, but the odd metery is around. The largest I’ve heard of up here was a staggering 151cm fish from the Rocky Point Boat Ramp.

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