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Jason Scerri

Young Bella with a 40cm flathead that fell for her Keitech soft plastic.

The cold was a little late this year but it certainly hit with a bang. The ambient and sea temperatures have fallen dramatically and we finally have the winter we are used to. With temperatures now averaging 15-20°C, anglers must adapt to the cooler conditions if they are to ensure they get their share of the action in the cooler months.

There are a few key things to remember when it comes to fishing during the cooler months of the year here on Lake Macquarie, NSW. The fish are still there and for some species they’re in better numbers and quality during cooler periods, so make a few small changes and capitalise on it.

The main thing for lure anglers is to slow down your retrieve. As a rule I also tend to downsize my lures a little as well. Regardless of species, if you slow down that retrieve, add a few slightly longer pauses that may be all that is needed to turn an ordinary day into an action packed one. As regular readers of my article know, I love to hit the deeper water during the cooler months. Just as you need to adapt your fishing style to maximise your chances in the winter months I also believe if you ensure you are dressed to the conditions you will be far more comfortable out there, you will enjoy it more and the more relaxed you are the better the results you will see. Spend a few dollars to get good, warm clothing, and take a few extra moments to make that thermos of coffee before you head out. Trust me – you will be glad you did!

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