Dam good days on the reef
Liam Jones

A solid Awoonga dam barra taken on a Jackall Squirrel.

Warmer days are becoming more common and by November we should be averaging about 30°C days. As these days become more common, you can expect to see more and more people hitting the dam. Especially when the barra closure comes into play.

I have a feeling that Awoonga is going to start fishing well again this year. It’s been over two years now since it last went over the wall and good-size fish are starting to become more common. The hatchery is doing a brilliant job in regularly releasing fingerlings, so touch wood it doesn’t break the wall again any time soon and we can see it return to the fishery it used to be.

When fishing the dam there’s a lot that comes into play, and although many people don’t think it, tides are also a major player when the barra decide it’s time to feed.

Try targeting places like wind blown points and bays. A lot of people make the mistake of trying to get out of the wind. The wind will push the warmer water across to the side it’s blowing and with that comes the bait, and therefore the barra.

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