Warmer waters with hotter fishing
Mick Morris

The temperature of the water is finally starting to warm up, which will fire up the ‘Pin and make for some hot fishing right through November

There should be some big mulloway on offer out in the deep water off Swan Bay and towards the Bar as the tide starts to slow before the change of tide. Drop big plastics and baits straight down. Jigging seems to be the most productive method at the moment and the trick is to stay in contact with your lure or bait at all times.

If the current is running too fast, you’ll struggle to reach the bottom and maintain the best depth where the fish are holding. The longer you can leave your lure in this strike zone, the better your chances are of getting a hook-up. Mulloway are extremely picky and a very hard fish to catch. Another great way is to get some big livies, mullet or pike, and try anchoring up at Marks Rock, the Powerlines, Fishermans Channel and the point of Short island.

Flathead should be prevalent once again with over 4000 lizards caught and released in the recent Flathead Classic. There’s definitely no shortage in the flathead stocks. All these fish were caught on lures, so if you’ve never used lures, give it a go, because they really work. The top of Crusoe Island, Pandannus weed banks, Kalinga Bank, Tipplers Island, along the Never Fails and the Aldershots were all great haunts during the competition. With all those fish released, they should be in those spots during November.

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