Wild weather even in winter
Ryan Moody

Nannygai are a popular fish among northern anglers.

It’s been an interesting month with some crazy weather patterns, including a trough that dropped up to 200mm in places south of Townsville, which isn’t really something you’d see at this time of year.

We have had lots of cooler weather spikes early in the season, and this has made the barra fishing very erratic, with both good and bad days from one day to the next. We are still catching some nice size fish on the better days. With water temperatures really starting to reach their winter minimums, the fish are changing their patterns, and this can sometimes be frustrating to visiting anglers.

I have heard of some offshore reports, despite the very windy periods we’ve had. This seems to suggest that the Spaniards have arrived on some of the headland and island areas. The bigger tides up to the dark moon are the better periods to look, but that’s if you can get it to line up with good weather, as some of these areas are exposed to southeasterly winds. The Spaniards should be around until September at least.

On the bread and butter front, we have had a few mixed reports of grunter. It seems they are popping up in some places, while other areas of the channel and Missionary Bay are missing out. Sometimes their schools are large and spread over a significant area, and if you’re lucky enough to be fishing the right type of country when they move into the area, you can have a really good session. When they come through some of our barra areas, it’s not uncommon to catch some bigger models on small vibes and big plastics meant for barra.

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