Summertime fishing turns the heat on
Mick Morris

Jumpinpin keeps producing quality flathead all year long.

On those real hot December days, there’s nothing better than beating the heat by being out on the water and having a fish. It’s best to get out early, as storms can blow in pretty quick and really put a dampener on any fishing trip.

Mangrove jack become more active and feed more often over the warmer months, so now is the best time to try for a jack. They love hiding in against the mangroves, pylons, rock walls and snags, and there are heaps of spots at the ‘Pin just like that. Live bait is the best way to fish for them, but luring for them works well too. They hit very hard and will try to snag you up, so try to get them out into open water before they bust you off.

Try around the rocks at Rocky Point, the Powerlines, the Stockyards, the Gazebo in the river and the rock walls at Calypso Bay.

Whiting will be the main species that will be targeted this month and there should be plenty around too. The Logan River always produces some real quality fish with plenty over 40cm to be expected. Try to pick the tides with the most water movement. Whiting love fast-running water and you will pick up the bigger fish on these tides.

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