Paying the price
  |  First Published: September 2014

So much about fishing and fishing trips is all about timing.

Like last weekend for example. Leemie and I put the boat in and headed off to try to snare a mulloway, or a threadie. Our timing was off because we spent three hours getting three mullet in the cast net, then three minutes at anchor with our lines over the side. I think the anchor had time to hit bottom before a storm came in out of the west like a goods train but I’m not sure.

So then it was roar back, jam the glass boat onto the rock and concrete ramp and scrape the bottom of the car against the exposed boulders as I backed down the three-quarters of a mile to where the boat was waiting as it was low tide. Our timing was very poor, as mine is so often.

We could have stopped cast netting and started fishing a little earlier, but given we had no bait, that would have been a little futile, but then again we wouldn’t have caught any less fish than we did. Which makes me wonder why I don’t just fish from the back deck and save a hell of a lot of time, effort and money. But then I wouldn’t get to spend so much money on gear.

Speaking of spending money on gear, I read a comment recently from a bloke saying that the worse thing that could happen after he dies would be his wife selling all his fishing gear for what he said he paid for it. That is a terrifying thought, I agree, but there is a worse scenario. She could find out what you paid for it while you are still alive. In which case you would then probably be dead anyway.

I've got to say, that I generally keep my spending pretty quiet. That's not to say that I am telling porky pies to my significant other. Just that I avoid discussing those sorts of things. So when she says, “That's an expensive looking reel. Aren't Shimano reels expensive? Why is it in that massive box, and why are you taking that kilo of gold, that thick role of bank notes and the first edition Phantom comic out of the safe to make room for that reel? What is it worth?” – I always reply in a truthful manner (as I value the bond of trust that lies at the base of every good relationship) with something like, “Have you heard Nina and Ridge get back together?” and wait to see what happens. Apparently that doesn’t seem to cut the mustard with my wife. Why Ridge and Nina don’t get back together I don’t know; I must be missing something. My timing must be out.

In the interests of good timing, if you’re worried about the amount of gear and its cost, my hint would be to try to sell your gear off before you die. Or give it away if you have to. But not to your significant other. There’s timing and there’s stupidity.

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