Chas Bunting with an 119cm Mulwala beast caught in some slightly dirty water before last season’s blue-green algae outbreak.

We’ve had such dramas in the lead up to cod season with mass fish kills further downstream due to ‘black water.’ Whether it’s an artificially made problem or results of the floods, hopefully something can be learned from it. This is the second time in five years, so answers and future plans should be a major focus for the controlling authorities. Fortunately, here at Lake Mulwala, we’ve stayed okay.
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Coffs Harbour Game
Glen Booth | December 2016

Chris Geddes from Goonellabah gets down and dirty on 37 standup.

This endless succession of poor inshore water quality and inconsistant current is really starting to grate with a lot of people. This inconsistency is making it hard for everyone to get any fishing done – there’s either too much current, or the current’s going the wrong way, not to mention the incessant nor’easters.
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New year, new fish
Gary Brown | December 2016

Andrew Humphries still hasn’t got the smile off his face after catching his first mulloway.

The Christmas rush and the Boxing Day Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race have long gone. Things will start to settle back to normal as you think about getting out on the water to chase a few kingfish, mahimahi, flathead, bream, whiting, tailor, trevally, bonito, snapper and mulloway, to name a few. January’s a month when most fish species are on the chew, as long as the conditions are right.
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Anglers wait with baited breath
Greg Clarke | December 2016

There are plenty of pan-sized snapper over the inshore reefs this month.

Christmas is done and dusted. For many, now is holiday time with plenty of days to hit the water and get amongst the big ones. The offshore scene this month is always looked upon with great anticipation, as it generally sets the pattern for the rest of the summer. If the hot water shows late or the pelagics like marlin and mahimahi are slow off the mark, it can mean a short season. If they hit with a bang in numbers, all will be good for weeks to come.
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Fish seeking out cooler conditions
Rhys Creed | December 2016

Blowering Dam is full and looking spectacular this summer.

Looking back, 2016 was a successful year in the region on the fishing front. There was always a style of fishing that produced results during every month. Even during July, which is usually one of the slowest months, turned out to be one of the best!
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Time to get fly
Wayne Dubois | December 2016

It’s not all about the lures and flies. Local fishing guru Brad Harvey with one of the many cod he has been catching with yabbies at Blowering Dam.

Freshwater fishing in our lakes can slowly start to get tough this month, due to the consistent hot weather, high water temperatures and extra angler activity. To maximise your chances of some action this month, you’ll need to focus your efforts super early, late in the day and into the night especially. I say night especially because during the hottest months of the year, the best action for the natives comes after dark. The water and air temperatures drop to a much more comfortable level and the fish – just like us – feel more at ease to head out in search of a good feed.
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New Years species mixer
Gary Earl | December 2016

A couple of plate bream taken on live worms. These were taken off the shore at Stockton at night.

Lately, in my part of the world, it’s been either a fishing session in the morning or late afternoon. The weather has been so hot through the middle of the day that unless you have a good canopy on your boat, fishing has been out of the question.
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Summer fishing in Eden
Kevin Gleed | December 2016

A great bream tricked with a soft plastic lure.

Another summer is here and it’s great to see the town liven up once again. Eden is a great destination for a summer holiday with out-of-the-way beaches, fishing spots and good launching facilities for the trailer boat fishers. The next few months will be a busy time.
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Town abuzz with tourists
Kevin Gleed | December 2016

Summer is here and the town is abuzz with visitors enjoying the warm weather. The fishing is firing up with the longer, hotter days.
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