Hot weather, hotter fishing
Jamie Robley | February 2017

Bream are in abundant supply, and February is a prime month for lure casting or bait fishing.

The tail end of summer is without question a very hot time of year here. Yes, the weather can be very steamy, but the real heat is out on the water, with angling action of all kinds seriously firing up right now. So regardless of which species or style of fishing you’re into, here’s what we can expect this month.
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Goodbye Christmas, hello fishing
Jason Scerri | February 2017

The author managed this 8kg beast on a recent afternoon session flicking a 4” soft plastic.

The Christmas period is fantastic in many ways. However, on a personal level I hate the crowds and look forward to nothing more than the end of the holidays and seeing the kids head back to school and the crowds head on home for another year.
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New Years species mixer
Gary Earl | December 2016

A couple of plate bream taken on live worms. These were taken off the shore at Stockton at night.

Lately, in my part of the world, it’s been either a fishing session in the morning or late afternoon. The weather has been so hot through the middle of the day that unless you have a good canopy on your boat, fishing has been out of the question.
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Spin to win on the rocks
Jamie Robley | December 2016

High speed spinning from the rocks is a local tradition at this time of year. Here, the author fires off a cast at Norah Head.

With a bit of luck, Santa delivered some shiny new fishing tackle to test out this month. If that’s the case, it’s a good time to get out there and give it a good work out. If not, perhaps some goals for the New Year have been set and it’s time to work on bringing those dreams to fruition. A new species or a personal best size fish is always good, but other goals could be to learn a new technique like flyfishing, jigging or simply to go fishing more!
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Gearing up for a fun gamefishing season
Jason Scerri | December 2016

Young Nate Dial with this fine mulloway he caught recently. Nate’s dad is a well-known gamefisher, but also enjoys his mulloway fishing and moments like this with his son.

It’s 2017. There’s loads to look forward to this year. I have a few goals to work towards, both on a business front with my Game Fishing Lure business and also on the water. The aim is to score a few target species for myself, the wife and daughter. Yep, there’s plenty to look forward to.
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The baits are bringing them in
Gary Earl | December 2016

The past six weeks have been all about the current screaming down the coast keeping the boats away from the outer grounds and in close to the coastal fringe. Tailor are the talk of the town with catches on the beaches, estuaries and rivers. With a little rain, tailor can move up to brackish water and be caught in drains and all sorts of unusual places around the Hunter. The best shot is off the break walls and beach rocky platforms.
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Steer clear of the crowds
Jamie Robley | December 2016

The season that many of us have been waiting for is here. December is like a double-edged with pros and cons. Some of our very best angling action occurs at this time of year, from estuary lure casting, to bluewater game fishing. The weather is warm and it’ll be great to enjoy some time away from work and on the water instead. On the flip side, strong northeasterly winds can hamper our efforts and there are a lot more people on the water, so some places will be crowded.
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Scenic Swansea fishing
Jason Scerri | December 2016

Another year has come and gone too quick. I hope it’s been a good year for everyone, for the health of you and your loved ones, but also on the fishing front. I feel blessed, that’s for sure. Living here and enjoying the lifestyle that Lake Macquarie has to offer is fantastic. Every morning when I drive over the Swansea Bridge and look at the turquoise coloured waters, it reminds me why I moved my family to this wonderful part of the world. Not only is it a spectacular place to live for the scenery, but the fishing is great and the wildlife is incredible. We’ve spent the past couple of months enjoying some truly amazing sights of whales that migrate through our waters – sights you never get tired of seeing.
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Maximising your catch rate
Gary Earl | November 2016

Fishing has been really good around these parts. Hopefully this month will only get better. In the Hunter River, flathead have shown up along with bream and the odd whiting. The best fishing has been up around Fullerton Cove on the shallow banks, on the corners where it meets the river proper.
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