‘Coota crawling out of holiday season
Kevin Gleed | February 2017

The author with a shovelnose shark caught on a hurricane blade.

The holiday period saw the town swell and get very busy, with visitors coming from all around and it seemed like all of them had brought their own boat.
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Good water and good offshore fishing
Stuart Hindson | February 2017

Jason Neuman with a cracking black bream caught from the shallows on a very windy day.

Merimbula has come back to some sort of normality. Most visitors have left. For those venturing up now, you’re in for some seriously good fun on the fishing front.
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Bega River closes
Darren Redman | February 2017

The Brogo Bega river systems are still producing great bass fishing.

Recently, the Bega River closed up to the ocean with a large sand bar formed where the entrance normally is. What does this do to the fishing? This is now a good time to target bream within the system, as they have to move around to find food. This creates plenty of options for anglers.
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Summer fishing in Eden
Kevin Gleed | December 2016

A great bream tricked with a soft plastic lure.

Another summer is here and it’s great to see the town liven up once again. Eden is a great destination for a summer holiday with out-of-the-way beaches, fishing spots and good launching facilities for the trailer boat fishers. The next few months will be a busy time.
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Town abuzz with tourists
Kevin Gleed | December 2016

Summer is here and the town is abuzz with visitors enjoying the warm weather. The fishing is firing up with the longer, hotter days.
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Any method madness on hungry pelagics
Stuart Hindson | December 2016

Gemfish are awesome on the plate and a bit of fun to catch when the conditions suit.

With summer well and truly here and water temperatures hovering around 23°C, it’s no wonder the locals are having a ball on the pelagic action offshore from Merimbula. They won’t have it all to themselves for much longer, as the holiday brigade settles in.
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Taking time
Darren Redman | December 2016

There are some nice trevally on offer in the waters around Tathra.

It has taken its time this season to warm up, but finally it has. Air temperatures are up, water temperatures have risen and the fishing has fired. Whether you choose to go inland to the fresh, wonder the rocks or beaches, to stealth fish the estuaries or patrol the bluewater for reef and bottom fish, or you chase the pelagics out wide, it’s that time of year when it’s all on offer.
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Eden is heatin’ up
Kevin Gleed | December 2016

The past month has seen a lot less rain in the Eden area than in the Mallacoota area. Warmer days as we head into summer have been the key to fire up the fishing. It’s great news, even though we’ve had warm to hot days, we’re still getting some unusually cold days for this time of year.
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Less wet, better weather ahead
Kevin Gleed | December 2016

The past month has seen more rainfall, adding to what has already been a long wet season with still plenty of cool days. With summer around the corner, we should start to see hotter weather – it’s well and truly needed to liven up the town. The cold wet weather keeps the visitors moving, looking north for the sun. Fishing wise, there are fish to be caught so long as you’re prepared to put on a raincoat, rug up and have a shot.
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