Summer flatties and some whiting too
Johnny Nolan | December 2016

Jack Stanwell with a 94cm flatty from Sussex Inlet.

Is it any wonder so many people travel to our neck of the woods come Christmas holiday time? Nowra and its surrounding townships have so much to offer, especially for the fishing family looking to throw a line and catch themselves a feed of fresh fish and maybe some prawns or a squid. So where can we catch fish these holidays?
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Busy bays, basin and estuaries
Johnny Nolan | December 2016

It’s the festive season! Holiday season is on for you lucky beggers not in the retail game! I’d just like to take this opportunity to say a big Merry Christmas and a happy, fishy New Year to my readers. I hope you all have an awesome and safe break over the holidays – catch plenty of fish.
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Keeping things interesting
Greg Clarke | November 2016

This time last year we were in full gamefishing mode, with striped marlin being caught all along the coast. Multiple hook-ups and several fish for the day were commonplace, and they weren’t as far out as stripes go, with many caught inside the 50 fathom line.
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The fish are fighting and biting!
Johnny Nolan | November 2016

November – an exciting time of year for fishers on the south coast of NSW. So much is happening or about to happen, let’s jump in and start with the offshore fishing! It’s usually the transition time for the offshore fishers where the last run of tuna for the season are caught before they vacate our waters over the warm water period. Striped marlin begin to show on the shelf in numbers at places like the Kink and the Canyons, depending on where the bait decides to hold up.
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Big kings on the prowl
Greg Clarke | October 2016

Lake Illawarra feeder streams have had some decent bream, but the real attraction is the huge amount of tiny baitfish around the snags and in the shallows. It looks like the flatties won’t be far off feeding, smacking plastics and bait.
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Weather working water wonders
Johnny Nolan | October 2016

With the mix of good and bad weather we’ve had over the past few months, there’s been some pretty good fishing. And if you’ve been able to pick your times, there are absolutely awesome days on the water to be had! Offshore, inshore and even from the shore, fishers are having some good success.
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Hooked on river fishing
Johnny Nolan | September 2016

We’ve had one of the worst winters I can remember – cold, windy and wet. September is going to be most welcome, especially by fishos who are shore bound over the winter months when they couldn’t line up fishing trips in the short breaks we had from the weather. Now that’s all behind us, we can look forward to a fishy spring and summer season, with good weather and plenty of fish, or can we?
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Dig deep, sea for yourself
Greg Clarke | September 2016

The snapper are just about finished in the closer reefs, now that the cuttlies have finished spawning. The odd cuttlefish may still be around, but with their departure goes the snapper.
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Last chance at a cuttlefish muncher
Greg Clarke | August 2016

There are still a few cuttlefish-munching snapper about like this, just the right size for the plate.

If you haven’t already got among the snapper, the first few weeks of this month will be your last chance to get out and into them before they start to taper off and move further offshore and along the coast.
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