Pelagics on the rocks
Brent Kirk | February 2017

Spotted mackerel are up off Grassy Head in good numbers.

February is the beginning of the peak pelagic period for the mid north coast of NSW, and in particular, South West Rocks.
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Fish have more breathing room
Paul Lennon | February 2017

Inshore black marlin will provide plenty of fun this month.

February in Port Stephens is a fisher’s paradise, with a huge range of species to target. The crowds have thinned out from the previous two months, giving both anglers and fish a bit more breathing room.
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Hot summer run continues
Ian Pereira | February 2017

At the present time we are experiencing a drought in the Manning above Wingham. The river is barely running, though luckily some freshwater springs have opened to give the river a bit more water. Weed is clogging up the river and it is difficult to find a spot where you can fish from the bank – but a canoe or punt will open up some good fishing water.
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February fish fest
Mark Saxon | February 2017

Phil Clarke and Bryce Gardiner with a surprise 11.65 kingfish taken from North Beach.

In recent seasons, February in the Port Macquarie region has been a bit of a dilemma – not in a troubling way, but trying to work out which species to target! It’s a great month to be out on the water, as most of the holiday crowds have backed off.
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Too little time
Dave Seaman | February 2017

Chris Reggers landed this 75cm mulloway from the breakwall. This beauty is typical of the quality around at present.

Not having enough time to do all the different types of fishing that’s available throughout February is a great problem to have – it’s also one I try to address each year with little success.
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End of summer, but not summer fishing!
Stephen Worley | February 2017

Doug Weeks started his summer holidays in a solid fashion with this solid mahimahi.

There are two months of the year that I really look forward to: one is November, because it’s the first month that trout season is open, bass season is open and the Nymboida river is open for fishing. The other is February, because all of the above is still true, and the mackerel are also in full swing, and the craziness of the tourist season is mostly over – but it still feels like we’re in holiday mode.
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Coffs Harbour Game
Glen Booth | December 2016

Chris Geddes from Goonellabah gets down and dirty on 37 standup.

This endless succession of poor inshore water quality and inconsistant current is really starting to grate with a lot of people. This inconsistency is making it hard for everyone to get any fishing done – there’s either too much current, or the current’s going the wrong way, not to mention the incessant nor’easters.
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Those summer bites are surfacing
Brent Kirk | December 2016

Bait gathering at the beach is fun for all ages.

Bass fishing in the reaches of the Macleay River up above Kempsey is now coming into the prime season with these fish at their most active. Cicadas and beetles are out in force now and the surface bite is on fire as a result of their presence. Loud boofs on the surface can be heard right through the day.
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Key to a flathead belly
Paul Lennon | December 2016

You don’t need a boat to catch quality flathead in Port Stephens.

There’s no shortage of flathead in Port Stephens this time of year, especially around areas such as North Arm Cove, Corlette Groins, Pindimar, Jimmys Beach and Shoal Bay. Soft plastic fishing is by far the best technique for catching numbers of flathead. An old fashioned slow rolled ganged pilchard will also do the trick.
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