Bermi brimming with options
Darren Redman | April 2017

It’s that time of year when things change for most forms of angling. The weather is starting to cool and so is the water, however, the fish start to chew harder before everything gets too cold.
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Mahimahi save the day in the bay
Anthony Stokman | April 2017

Harry Burrows and his kingfish caught off the surface.

The marlin fishing may not have been as red hot as the last couple of years, but it hasn’t been bad either, especially considering we haven’t had the best weather. The same old case of blowing on the weekends and a millpond on Mondays meant sickies became a popular card to play.
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The holy all-chewing species
Stuart Hindson | March 2017

It’s always a good feeling releasing mulloway.

Narooma is blessed with the amount of different world-class estuaries that sit on its doorsteps. The beauty is if one of them isn’t firing, there’s always another nearby that is. That’s the case at the moment. Wagonga Inlet is a little slow, but the estuaries within a 30-minute drive either north or south are fishing exceptionally.
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This stud bream was seen chasing prawns in the shallows and a well-placed bait was its undoing.

Last year January saw an extremely good current settle off our East Coast. This current swirled and eddied off Bermagui for some time, bringing with it the baitfish and predator fish like marlin. This produced some of the best game angling for many years.
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Good garfish and mighty marlin
Anthony Stokman | March 2017

Shantel and her brother Cody have been having a ball on the bass.

March is one of the better times of the year for stability. The crowds are here and steady, the weather starts to stabilize and we experience perfect days with perfect sunsets.
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Estuaries brimming with bait
Stuart Hindson | February 2017

Some monster flathead are getting around our local estuaries, like this cracker fish that Pete Steward caught, which was released.

The holiday crowds are slowing up with school holidays over, but for those who are still in the Narooma region, some exceptional fishing is still on offer.
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Bermi at its best
Darren Redman | February 2017

Baitfish like this bonito make excellent bill fish bait, dead or alive.

It’s that time of year where the billfish action is at its hottest, with Bermagui Harbour abuzz with anglers in boats of all shapes and sizes only too eager to go chase these majestic fish.
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Expectations are high but you must work hard
Anthony Stokman | February 2017

Billy ‘Dolphin Fish’ Sheffield with one of his latest dolls (mahimahi).

Expectations are always high during the summer months. It’s that time of the year where the sun is shining, you’ve got days off work, there’s loads of bait and warm blue currents pour down the coast. You think everything is just going to fall into place. The truth is, it’s just as hard as other seasons. Sure it’s a great time of the year and it feels great catching a kingie, dollie (mahimahi) or marlin in the basking sun and having the chance of a variety of species on the menu. That doesn’t make it easy.
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Variety of fish for January
Stuart Hindson | December 2016

Mulloway are a favourite species for switched on estuary anglers. It’s great to see many of these fish released and even tagged, so we can find out more about the majestic bronzed marvels.

It’s all systems go around the Narooma region with a horde of species on offer for a variety of techniques. It depends on where you fish and what you target, but whatever it is, you’re in for some serious fun. The local estuaries are firing nicely, with monster flathead to 95cm, mulloway, bream, whiting and luderick all having a chew. Both Narooma’s Wagonga Inlet and Tuross Lake to the north are great places to fish. The latter is home to some massive flathead.
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