Chilling out with the hot catches
Nick Whyte | July 2017

Glen Kampe with a huge 108cm Jumpininpin thready.

It’s chilling down now and the snapper and bream should start to turn it on. This month should see good numbers of pan-size juvenile snapper on all the reef edges. An early start will see the best results, but make sure you’re rugged up. There have been a few grassy sweetlip, goldspot cod, Maori cod, tuskies and even a few nannygai thrown in the mix.
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Queenfish are built for speed and excitement.

It has always amazed me how quickly you can get warmed up in winter when that rod loads up as a fast powerful fish rips off some line. It’s winter time in Lucinda and the bluewater is where the fun is at.
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Picture perfect angling weather in July
Peter Wells | July 2017

Adam Dhal caught this cracker pearl perch.

July is famous for light breezes and little swell, which encourages anglers to head offshore in droves. There are heaps of snapper and pearlies around the reefs at the moment with North Reef, Chardons Reef, the Barwon Banks and the Hards producing some outstanding fish. Micro-jigs are a great way to fish these areas.
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Waiting for those breaks in the wind
Garry Smith | July 2017

Beau Lockhard managed to get these trophy trout past the sharks.

Winter in the north usually follows one of two patterns. Either we get lots of calm periods with short blows in between, or we get lots of blows with short periods of calm weather in between.
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Winter pinky snapper and flatties
Danny Sands | July 2017

Pinky snapper are great fun on light line.

July is the coldest month of the year and it can be very fruitful for anglers who are prepared to rug up and put in the time. The cold westerlies will start to blow and the water temperature will fall.
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Great weather as winter continues
Dane Radosevic | July 2017

John Brown with his PB 14kg red, which he caught from the gutters.

It’s that time of year when the grey nomads start to venture north as they try to escape the dreaded southern winter weather. With cool southwesterly or southeasterly winds blowing in the early hours of the morning, this is a great time of year to hit the water and fish through to the late hours of the afternoon, as we quite often see the bay glass-out.
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West Coast inshore will be spectacular
Tim O’reilly | July 2017

A nice barra ready to leap from a brackish East Coast creek.

As the chilly southerly winds hiss their way up the East Coast of Queensland, let’s take a look at some of the spots and fish species that are still hot-to-trot. Over-simplified, the East Coast bluewater scene will be challenging at best and West Coast inshore season should be spectacular.
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Welcome relief from the heat
Paul Prokopuk | July 2017

Ewan Kepple and Jen Hall displaying large-mouth nannygai.

July is a special time in Cooktown and Cape York. The rain has eased up and the cooler days are a welcomed relief from the heat. For the next few months most people head bush whenever they get the chance. Some may head into the rainforests to chase jungle perch. Others may head for the beaches and fish the creek mouths for saltwater species. Whatever the adventure, it is a magical time of year to get out and explore the countryside.
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Pick your days for successful trips
Clayton Nicholls | July 2017

The author with a decent plate-sized coral trout taken on a sinking stickbait at Keppel Island.

The Capricorn region has been all over the place in terms of weather. The past month has played host to calm blue clean oceans one day and murky, windy waters the next. People who have picked their days right have had great success, both inshore and offshore. The Keppels and beyond have produced a great variety of both reef and pelagic species and the creeks and rivers have produced some great estuary catches.
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