Weeding out the Fraser blackspot tuskfish
Phil James | December 2016

A juvenile blackspot tuskfish.

As I write, the dreaded weed continues make its most unwelcome presence felt along Fraser Island’s ocean beaches. During the latter weeks of October, there were periods of optimism followed with despair. Hopefully this month will be the end of it. In response to many enquiries about the dreaded weed, and in an attempt to find some answers, I have written a short article. Look out for it at the end of this area report.
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Dreaming of a calm Christmas
Liam Jones | December 2016

When the wind has dropped, anglers have been getting good catches of sweetlip and trout.

This month’s report has been compiled by Les Jones.
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Hot summer fishing has jacked up
Scott Lynch | December 2016

Mangrove jack, even small ones will smash a plastic cast right in under the overhang  

Grunter are showing up in all the estuaries and are not a bad sized fish at present. Connors Creek through to the Narrows and Port Alma area of the river are doing very well. Pirates Point to Nerimbera is also turning out quality fish, and the trick here is to find the big white channel line markers on the banks, and watch your sounder as you come over the undulating bottom when you head towards the next marker.
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Hot holiday schools of fish
Eve Malone | December 2016

Nannygai are certainly in the chew – Tom Bennett caught this nice specimen in deep water at Sykes Reef.

Last month brought us hot humid days and great fishing opportunities. Butterflies flew in and for most fishos this is the tell-tale sign of some pretty mean mackerel and tuna action. No one has been disappointed – mass schools of spotties, schoolies, mac and long tail tuna run lines in all directions around the headlands, coastal areas and the inner and outer reefs.
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Baffling river fishing
Jason Medcalf | December 2016

The author’s daughter Amity with a nice trevally. Christmas is a great time to take the kids fishing.

It’s that season again to enjoy time with family and get some much needed hours on the water. The lead up to Christmas is usually busy – we have to get the house ready for visitors, prepare the camping gear and pack for the holidays. For those that don’t have to worry about all the fuss, or are prepared, the couple of weeks prior to the holiday chaos usually have great fishing. The lead up to the full moon on the 14th will be well worth a pre-Christmas fishing adventure, as the tides will be great for estuary fishing.
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Fishing over Christmas
Clayton Nicholls | December 2016

Clayton caught this ripper flathead using a Palms Molla 732 to work a 3” Gulp Minnow over tidal sand flats.

With the closed season for barramundi, the iconic sportfish are off limits. The humble threadfin salmon and many other estuary dwellers are still fair game and there have been a great number of them around. The beaches and estuaries are loaded with whiting, dart bream and flathead, which make for great holiday fun. 
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Moving on to migrating marlin
Scott Bradley | October 2016

Days are getting longer, cold winter mornings are a distant memory – this can mean only one thing, October is here and its time to get cracking! With the influx of warm water we’ve had a change of the guard from winter to summer species – out with the snapper and in with the baby black marlin. Our resident species also fire up as the water warms, giving Fraser Coast anglers many options during one of the windiest months of the year.
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Boating adventures in the Stanage Bay
Von Ireland | October 2016

The Stanage Bay Road is looking good to drive, but it’s gravel so it changes daily. The Council have graded to A1 form, from The Plumtree Boat Ramp to the cattle property, Torilla Plains. From Torilla to Lyndon is good and sealed. The part to slow down for is Glenisla, Banksia and Fernlee. The cattle are looking prime with lush pastures from the winter rainfall. Kangaroos, emus, tortoises, snakes and echidnas cross the road periodically, so keep your camera handy.
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Be safe, rock fishing
Phil James | October 2016

This month will see Fraser Island’s tailor season reach its peak. It’s been a good season so far, but we can now expect the overall quality of catches to improve right into November. During August and September, the headlands and beaches, 400m south of Indian Head to 400m north of Waddy Point, were closed to all forms of fishing.
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