Pick your days for successful trips
Clayton Nicholls | July 2017

The author with a decent plate-sized coral trout taken on a sinking stickbait at Keppel Island.

The Capricorn region has been all over the place in terms of weather. The past month has played host to calm blue clean oceans one day and murky, windy waters the next. People who have picked their days right have had great success, both inshore and offshore. The Keppels and beyond have produced a great variety of both reef and pelagic species and the creeks and rivers have produced some great estuary catches.
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Cold snaps bring on the snapper
Scott Lynch | July 2017

Craig Robertson showing a large pikey bream.

Winter is snapper time. They started off slowly, as they travel into shallow waters in the coldest months. It usually takes a cold snap to bring them right in close, which has just happened.
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The winter species are coming on
Liam Jones | July 2017

Isla Churchill didn’t muck around with her first legal flathead. She landed this 60cm beast while camping at 1770.

With the cooler weather moving in, the winter species have followed. This is an exciting time of year in the Gladstone region. There are still plenty of summer species floating around while the winter species are beginning to show up in good numbers.
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July is interesting in Stanage Bay
Von Ireland | July 2017

Dave Blunt with this awesome red emperor from Stanage Bay.

Welcome to all who visit Stanage Bay, Shoalwater Bay and the beautiful surrounds. The road into Stanage Bay is great at the moment.
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Tailor ready to fire on Fraser Island
Phil James | July 2017

Good catches of tailor and dart should be common this month.

It’s generally believed that tailor follow a northerly migration pattern from New South Wales then along the beaches of South Queensland, finally making it to Fraser Island. While this sounds feasible, I’m of the opinion that there are other factors coming into play that might at least modify the general northern migration theory.
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Hardly a harsh winter in Hervey Bay
Scott Bradley | June 2017

The business end of a Hervey Bay mac tuna.

June is a magical month of the year when you live on the Fraser Coast. With an average winter temperature of 23°C it’s hardly a harsh winter experience, but we still get the odd cold snap!
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Plenty of winter options
Dylan Christie | June 2017

The author with a typical estuary-caught Gladstone barra. These fish will slow down in June, but they can still be caught.

In recent weeks we finally got a break in the weather, so the offshore brigade were able to get their fix. They were rewarded with some large Spanish mackerel, which have been taking fresh trolled baits such as doggy mackerel and garfish. If you prefer lures, two of the best producers have been Samaki Pacemakers and Yo-Zuri Hydro Magnums.
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Weather windows of rippled glass
Von Ireland | June 2017

Now is a good time to try your luck at a black jew.

Welcome to the latest news from Stanage Bay, Shoalwater Bay, Percy Isles and surrounding islands. As per usual we will begin with the Stanage Bay Road, our big driveway. At the time of writing, it’s fair travelling. The first half of the road has a good smattering of large pot holes, but you can see them before you feel them if you are driving sensibly. From the Army turnoff to the Stanage grid, especially the cattle property Couti-Outi, the corrugation is consistent, small but rigid. Make sure your mudguards and wheel bearing maintenance is up to scratch before leaving home.
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It’s the prime bream season
Phil James | June 2017

The Mary River at North Head (D) has good rock face that is fished best at night on a falling tide.

This month will certainly see the so-called bream season in full swing – the months of winter when the spawning of the species takes place. There’s no argument about this but let’s take a look at a whole year in the life of Acanthopagrus australis.
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