Sweetwater off chops in October
Angus James | October 2016

Impoundment barramundi are definitely a species worth targeting during October.

Things are really starting to heat up in the tropical north, and I’m not just talking about the temperature! The fishing is really starting to fire and all of the iconic species are become very active!
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Fresh back on the chew
Jason Ehrlich | September 2016

It is the start of Murray cod closed season in the rivers but fish can still be caught in the dams. James Barker caught this 76cm Murray cod at Copeton Dam slow rolling a Bassman Double Colorado spinnerbait. Expect similar action in the Queensland Dams th

This is the time of year all freshwater anglers love. Winter can be tough and depressing, but as spring rolls around, the days get longer and warmer. With these seasonal changes, freshwater fish tend to fire up and make up for being so lazy over the winter months. Sometime throughout the month, it will be like someone has flicked a switch and the fish will start chewing their heads off.
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Wrestling red devils on light gear
Angus James | September 2016

Juvenile mangrove jack are a lot of fun on light gear!

It’s a beautiful time of the year up here in the tropical north. The weather is perfect for being outdoors and fishing has been red-hot, with plenty of line-peeling action. And it will only get better!
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Wintertime blues before the boom
Jason Ehrlich | August 2016

This chunky Cressbrook fish hit a deep diving lure at the start of winter.

Winter has taken its toll on the freshwater fishery. The lakes have finally cooled down and the fish must be feeling the effects. While they can still be caught, the action is much slower now and you will have to put in some work to turn their heads. They’re not impossible, although on the bass scene some days it may appear so. This is pretty typical for this time of year. Some days they eat, some days they don’t!
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Jungle fever for perch fishing
Angus James | August 2016

How good is fishing? You can enjoy it so many ways. From the hardcore physical sportfishing, to sitting back and relaxing on the jetty, fishing is a great pastime – the number one pastime on the planet! The best way to wet a line is to trek deep into the jungle in search of untouched country. Reach those places that are hidden away from it all. It’s an awesome feeling when you find a new place, spectacular scenery and, not to mention, the amazing fishing!
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Mid-winter options
Jason Ehrlich | July 2016

Golden perch can be taken on lures during winter. For better results try hopping blades and vibes. This one decided to engulf a Jackall Mask Vibe 60.

We had quite a big rain event in Southeast Queensland last month. This dumped plenty of rain along the coast but failed to influence water levels at most dams. Lake MacDonald, Ewen Maddock and Hinze were all full after the rain but the rest had only minor rises or no noticeable change at all. This means we can’t blame dirty water for stopping us from wetting a line!
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Snakehead your way up the creeks
Angus James | July 2016

A snakehead gudgeon, what a great fish!

The preparation that goes into any sweetwater mission is always a fun and exciting part of the experience. Before any of my adventures take place, some serious preparation must be done. Not only in deciding what lures to take but it is also vital that safety gear is packed in case things go wrong.
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Fish now before the water gets cold
Jason Ehrlich | June 2016

Barra are still an option over the cooler months. Pick the warmer days and try fishing later in the day and into the night.

Despite the start of winter, some of the lakes are still fishing well. There has been a run of bass at several spots, as well as a noticeable increase in barra captures from Monduran. If only the impoundment Murray cod would fire up, we would be all set.
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Get down for a jungle boogie
Angus James | June 2016

Some beautiful mangrove jack are still just as keen to hit your lure heading into the cooler months.

Is it really June already? Wow that came up fast! I hope everyone has had a great first half of the year and ready to spend the rest of the year having a blast of a time with plenty of bent rods and screaming drags! The weather up here in the tropical north has really started to cool down, but I assure you the fishing has continued to be red-hot.
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