See you at the ramp
Keith Day | December 2016

More anglers are discovering how versatile soft stickbaits can be, as demonstrated by Troy Taylor with this nice queenfish.

January is a time to look back over the past year, and to look forward to angling pursuits in 2017 – and how better to look forward, than with all our new fishing gear from the Christmas score. Reflection is good, but anticipation is great, as we look at new opportunities on the fishing front.
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Pulling ‘em past the sharks
Luke Griffiths | December 2016

The author helping Renegade client Glenn with his first-ever sailfish.

Happy New Year! We made it through the silly season and hopefully made some resolutions to stick to. December was a bit of a mixed bag with all sorts of weather, though it was fantastic to see so many people out on the water last month lapping up the holidays, and hopefully relaxing a little before the year kicked off.
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Dressed in his ‘You can't see me’ gear, Tannhym got dragged all over the place before landing his first freshwater jack. A soft tipped rod like the Samurai Inflict makes long casts easy.

It’s an awesome time of year to be a North Queensland fisher. It doesn’t seem to matter where you go or what you want to chase – there’s always something biting, if you don’t mind the heat too much. With the anticipation of a good wet, the mood has lifted amongst fishos. The freshwater reaches of the Ross are legally fishable during the closed season with the purchase of a SIPS permit, so it’ll be interesting to see how many people give it a go.
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Cool down the water and heat up the fishing
Ryan Moody | December 2016

Ben Walker with a nice sized GT.

I hope you all had a safe start to the New Year. It has certainly been a hot start to the year, with no real indication of decent rain. For some reason we just keep missing out on the storms associated with the trough lines, from heat lows that come through the southern states. Just seems to make it as far as the Burdekin, but no further north.
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Reef fishing in Cape York
Tim O’reilly | December 2016

Large blue-spot trout can be targeted with jigs and baits on the deeper spots in the reefs.

Fishing reef and offshore areas on Cape York’s east coast will be the pick of the options for fishers. Heading out wider than usual is possible during much of the year – however, storms on the horizon can be a constant companion. Rewards in the deeper reef areas and current convergences will go to those rigged with trolling lures, surface lures, metals slices, soft plastics and jigs. After a long and hot dry season, January will be a crucial month in breaking the rain deadlock, with early rain models suggesting a transition year between El Niño and La Niña, we could be in for yet another wet season across the far north.
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Fishing in the New Year
Jeff Wilton | December 2016

A big school of threadfin stayed in the same spot for two days, and the author kept visiting.

As another year passes, I like to set myself some goals for the New Year. Last year I wanted a 60cm mangrove jack from my local waters, which is a tough challenge in NQ. I didn’t achieve this, but got a couple around the 58cm mark – close, but can’t tick that box yet. 2017 for me will be learning a lot more about impoundment barra
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Emperors are red; Spaniards are blue
Paul Prokopuk | December 2016

Mark, Charlie and Riley with a great catch of a couple of Spanish mackerel and a coral trout.

Happy New Years readers, I hope you all have had success on the water over the holiday period. With the festive season coming to a close, the true summer period of Cooktown is in full swing. Battling the hot, humid days, sudden downpours and the occasional storms was a true trial but those fish in the esky made every second of it worth the trouble. The lucky anglers who decided to stay in Cooktown for the holidays were blessed with perfect weather and great fishing. There has been a plethora of reports coming in, telling of success in both the rivers and reef – it would have made for some incredible seafood feasts to celebrate Christmas.
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I’m dreaming of a Weipa Christmas
Mark Bargenquast | December 2016

Small barras are everywhere at the moment and can be a pest!

With the temperatures getting way up and storms appearing on the horizon, let’s hope we get a great wet season this year to fire things up. The whole ecosystem really benefits from big rains, especially the banana prawns which must spawn by the billions every wet. March to June sees a jelly prawn soup along the beaches like you wouldn’t believe. Everything that swims there is eating them.
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Mackeral Christmas and a snapper New Year
Keith Day | December 2016

Matt Trott successfully worked a small rock bar to score this nice mangrove jack in Constant Creek.

December in Mackay is hot, humid and a great time to be on the water! There’s a great variety of species and spots. December is a good time for early morning starts for a few hours of fishing, and night fishing can be very enjoyable and productive with no baking in the hot sun.
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