Snapper are sticking around for summer
Wayne Friebe | December 2016

Kayak and boat anglers using lures have had a lot of success on the good numbers of lingering snapper.

Mild weather has continued for the most part over the last month in the bay. We still haven’t had the hot days that we are used to at this time of year. We all know this can change pretty quickly, and soon we’ll all be whining that the weather is too hot.
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Bay-tastic options
Lee Rayner | December 2016

Greg caught this amazing snapper on a morning session in PPB. You don’t see many reds like this in the bay.

Another year sped by. It’s hard to believe we’re into a new one. The best bit of this period is a good break and lots of fishing options for the coming month. If the fishing continues to be like it has been over the past weeks, the biggest problem anglers may be faced with is deciding what to fish for. There are plenty of choices – snapper and whiting, kingfish, flathead and squid. Now is the time to get the hat and sunscreen and get out on the water to try out all that new fishing gear that Santa brought.
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Top End fishing it’s finest
Adam Ring | December 2016

Methers with every bit of his 20lb top end snapper.

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all had an enjoyable and safe celebration, and I am happy to report that many anglers out there have already enjoyed a very fish filled start to the year.
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Fish hard – die happy!
Neil Slater | December 2016

Calamari have been nuts on the Bellarine this season, as Xavier from Warrnambool can attest!

We’ve had a cracking summer so far with plenty of fish biting, and some much needed water in the dams.
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New year, new options
Andy Smith | December 2016

Stephen Puopolo, usually with a tuna, displays a classy Melbourne red.

The holidays are still hot here and with options aplenty! The next few months provide countless opportunities on Port Phillip Bay and surrounding rivers. Get out there and enjoy!
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Slow start to snapper and whiting season
John Dalla Rosa | December 2016

Frankie Natoli with a nice whiting from the Western Port area.

It’s been a disappointing start for both snapper and whiting. Apart from a brief flurry of fish in early November, the snapper seem to have all but disappeared in Port Philip Bay and what fish are around seem to be in small pockets up in the northern sections of the bay. The southern areas have been pretty much dead.
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Red rampage wrapping up
Jarrod Day | December 2016

Local angler Matt Catterson with a solid calamari caught from the weedy banks around the Port.

If a child can lay face down on a supermarket floor throwing a temper tantrum and get away with it, then surely a grown adult like myself can throw a total flip out due to the constant weather battering the state.
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Snapper are everywhere in PPB
Wayne Friebe | December 2016

Much of the unsettled and unpredictable weather patterns that were a big factor in the early months of spring have continued for the past month on the bay. Small windows of fishable conditions have prevailed once again, providing boat anglers with limited opportunities. Conversely, dedicated land-based anglers have had the advantage. Expect this pattern to change as we move properly into the warmer months, and the unpredictable and changing winds become less of a factor for the bay’s anglers.
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Late start to the warm season
Lee Rayner | December 2016

After a cold October and cooler water tempertaures than the norm for the start of November, the past weeks seemed more like early spring, but when the fish turned on, the quality of snapper caught was nothing short of sensational. Many anglers found fish in the 7-9kg size and more than just the occasional fish over 9kg.
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