Happy holiday angling
Steven Pryke | December 2016

It’s that time of year when Lakes Entrance goes crazy for the holiday season. As the weather patterns settle in, it won’t take long to see many anglers taking advantage of warm weather and long evenings.
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Get busy in great Bemm weather
Robyn Sturgess | December 2016

The festive season is almost on, as we gear up for another busy summer. Warm days, great fishing and night time prawning all add up to great family holiday fun. The entrance was open recently and the river mouth is accessible with care.
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Summer is here a bit late
Will Thompson | December 2016

Summer is here, but you can tell it’s been a late season. It’s taken a lot longer for the fish to get on the chew than last year, but with some better water temperatures now, our iconic Victorian summer species such as snapper, gummy shark and whiting are all on the chew.
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Mind-boggling big bream bonanza
Brett Geddes | November 2016

In all the years of writing for this magazine starting way back in the first 2004 issue, this report is number 142 on the Gippy Lakes and possibly the most awe-inspiring. I won’t contain my excitement and I’m going to let rip in a big way! I wish I could dream up new words to convey the astounding catch of bream recently for bait and lure anglers – thrilling, breathtaking, rousing, jolting or shocking! To me, these descriptors just don’t cut it. I’ll let the facts do the talking.
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Win on the water with worms!
Jim Mcclymont | November 2016

What a strange year we’ve had – the weather fines up and the river subsides. The fishing comes good and another east coast low comes again and we start again. With the huge volumes of water that have come down the rivers, it should make the entrance deep and navigable for some time giving the anglers good access to Bass Straight and taking the pressure of Cape Conrad boat ramp.
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Tip top tailor at Tyers
Steven Pryke | November 2016

The Gippsland Lakes water temperature has increased and so has the fishing. Plenty of dusky flathead are starting to work the drop-offs and shallow flats through the lake’s system. Many fish have been taken on soft plastics such as the Berkley 3” or 4” minnows and similar minnow patterns in smelt, chartreuse and camo worked on a combination of 1/12-1/8oz jigheads, depending on water depth. As usual, they’ve taken a serious liking to expensive hardbodies and are quick to suck them down.
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Warm weather and fish in abundance
Robyn Sturgess | November 2016

We’re now in the midst of warm weather after an extremely wet and cold winter. The water temperature is enticing fish and all anglers are satisfied with their catches.
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Giant ‘tings of terror!
Will Thompson | November 2016

Good numbers of King George whiting are now on the chew at Port Albert and they are averaging 38cm.

It’s finally that time of year again. You can feel summer is only a stones throw away and the fish have come on the chew quick, and it’s only going to get better.
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Weather finally lets up
Andrew Starrett | November 2016

November marks the start of good fishing for King George whiting.

We’re finally seeing a break in the weather, which has been miserably cold, wet and windy in recent weeks. It hasn’t been uncommon to experience four seasons in one day, and these conditions have kept many anglers indoors.
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