High hopes for river fishing
Mark Gercovich | December 2016

Solid king George whiting are a popular December target.

December can be a great month for anglers in the South West. The waters warm, the holiday-makers haven’t arrived yet, and the fishing can be red-hot if conditions align.
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Big fish options despite the floods
Mark Gercovich | November 2016

The best thing about fishing South West Victoria is the massive variety of angling options available across the course of the year. This has proved to be the case recently as, even with serious flood waters affecting all local rivers, there has been some first class angling. A series of significant rain events during September put all the local waterways in high flood with plumes of dirty water extending well out to sea.
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Waterways start livening up
Chris Hall | November 2016

It’s a lot of fun chasing bream from a kayak. A Duo jerkbait was the undoing of this fish.

The fishing has been pretty good over the past month. There are still bluefin over 100kg being taken between Lawrence Rocks and Cape Bridgewater in depths of 60-80m. One of the best lures has been the Bluedog BabyJ.
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Apollo Bay is heating up
Wayne Diffey | November 2016

With all of this crazy weather this past month, there hasn’t been a lot of days where boats could get out of Apollo Bay for a fish. When they’ve been able to get out, there have been good catches of gummies, schoolies and decent-sized flatties.
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Options open up in October
Nigel Fisher | October 2016

Darcy with a nice feed of top quality bream from the Glenelg River system.

Again we have had a bit more of an extended tuna run here in Portland, with fish over 100kg coming in when the weather permits.
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Happy days on the Hoppies
Mark Gercovich | October 2016

How’s that? Close to 3kg of before work Merri brown.

The Hopkins River has been fishing well recently in the lower reaches, with big seas and high tides pushing in plenty of clean sea water, which has been encouraging the bream in particular to bite.
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Estuary and reef species playing ball
Daniel Kent | October 2016

This healthy estuary perch was taken from the Barham River on a 2” Dragon Maggot soft plastic.

The trout season kicked off with a boom, as all the coastal streams have excellent flows and plenty of hungry fish.
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New season begins
Nigel Fisher | September 2016

We’ve had a couple of up and down months of fishing in Portland. The icy cold weather, winds and large swells hit us hard and made the fishing trips turn into a real challenge. The tuna season was reasonable, and the number of fish caught was good when anglers could move. There was no need to travel far.
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September southwest species
Mark Gercovich | September 2016

Spring has sprung in the South West but cold water species such as trout, tuna and salmon will still be the major focus for anglers in the month of September.
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