River Heads
Phil James | July 2017

In many of my recent reports I have mentioned River Heads and its prospects for the coming months. This month I have some advice for visiting anglers and what they might expect.
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Swimbaits – tools of the trade
Simon Goldsmith | July 2017

With an RRP of $149.95 the 13 Fishing Defy swimbait is outstanding value for money.

The emergence of the swimbait trends in Australia in the last 12-18 months has been an angling revolution in many ways. This bait and technique genre has bubbled away quietly under the sportfishing industry surface for many years, but its popularity has now exploded. The increased availability of overseas swimbaits, the proliferation of information via social media channels and the exponential uptake of the technique by anglers has seen it emerge as one of the most exciting developments in lure fishing for quite some time.
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Get ready for south Queensland bass
Wayne Kampe | June 2017

The author smiling fondly at a stonker Somerset bass in one hand and a regular sized redclaw in the other.

Cooling weather and shorter days means that bass are following their age-old breeding patterns and getting together in big numbers to do what comes naturally. Being totally freshwater though, these fish won’t actually be able to breed. This means that right until spring, we can expect to find big schools of bass in our stocked impoundments.
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Do nature a favour, catch a cichlid
Wayne Kampe | June 2017

Tilapia are handy for introducing youngsters to fishing. Gabby looks very happy with her fish.

Cichlid is a strange word. Let’s try tilapia. Now we’re talking about a pest fish that seems to be in every South East Queensland waterway and many others north and south as well.
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Find the light on winter nights
Reece Thomas | June 2017

Snapper are a welcome by-catch when chasing mulloway at night.

As the warmth of the summer nights slowly fades into the arrival of cool winter evenings it can make a few anglers question their motivation for those early morning or night time missions.
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Charlie Carruthers | June 2017

The one continuous and pointed dorsal fin and pointed anal fin are distinguishing tilapia identification features. Photo courtesy of NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Do you ever look at photos in old fishing magazines and books and think you were born too late, or wonder what the fishing would have been like 70 years ago?
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Casting for Moreton Bay Longtail Tuna
Kaspar Lenigas | May 2017

Overcast conditions are great when chasing longtails, as the fish are willing to stay on the surface and feed for longer periods of time.

The whole spectacle of tuna fishing is very exciting, and something that most anglers want to experience. It involves incredible bust-ups and screaming runs, and that never-say-die attitude of a hooked tuna really gets the casting arm twitching.
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Get ready for hunting threadies
Luke Fitzpatrick | April 2017

Luke with a solid threadfin – almost a metre long!

Like most anglers, I love the sound of drag screaming as a fish makes a run for freedom, viciously shaking its head trying to dislodge the hook and using all its might in an effort to pull anglers into the water. King threadfin salmon, more commonly referred to as threadies, are one species which never fail to provide a couple of solid line ripping runs, testing an angler’s gear at every critical point and ensuring that a reel’s drag washers are never left idle.
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Stanage Bay is a stand up fishing place
Liam Jones | March 2017

Les Jones with a solid golden snapper from Shoalwater Bay. This fish was taken on a slow fall micro-jig worked over some deeper structure in Keiver Creek.

With more and more people coming into the shop to ask about Stanage Bay, I thought it was time for an in depth look.
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