Racing stripes
Kaspar Lenigas | December 2016

Large Spanish mackerel like this one are excellent to eat and love attacking large dead and live baits.

Spanish mackerel and wahoo are by far one of the most targeted and sought-after pelagic species offshore during our summer pelagic season. Not only do they taste great, they’re also excellent sportfish that fight hard and fast.
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Getting jacked in the South East
Simon Goldsmith | December 2016

Few species garner the respect and adoration of mangrove jack. Highly-strung, aggressive and with a reputation for a crash-and-grab approach to living, mangrove jack are a fish that all light tackle anglers, both experienced and inexperienced, dream of catching. Found and caught throughout Queensland, it’s perhaps in the southeast of the state where they are most revered. Here they occupy the mantle as the premier sportfish of the estuary. A species that has benefited from urban ...
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Jack tactics from the far north
Angus James | December 2016

Mangrove jacks are aggressive, territorial and whole heap of heart-racing fun!

Red devils, dogtooth bream, or red dogs – these are a few of the names given to one of Australia’s favourites. Of course I’m talking about the mighty mangrove jack. They’re brilliant to look at with their deep reddish-bronze appearance and vibrant markings and they’re a fish with real character and aggression. Experts in the art of ambush, jacks are true hunters armed with razor sharp teeth like canines, to pin and devour their prey with speed and explosive power. It’s easy to become addicted to targeting this iconic brute of a sportfish.  
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On Wednesdays we wear ink
Bob Thornton | October 2016

Investing in quality jigs like this Kraken Egi is well worth it.

Ask anyone in Sydney or Melbourne for the nearest squidding spot, and they’ll usually point you toward a local pier or harbour, where you’ll find other squidders trying their luck. Ask anyone the same question anywhere along the Queensland coast however, and you’ll get weird looks.
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Billy Billson’s Game Fishing Schools
Glen Booth | October 2016

Bill Billson is a legend of Australian game fishing, and rightly so. This year marks his 30th consecutive season as a captain marlin fishing the Great Barrier Reef, in addition to 4 and a half years as crew. His list of state, Australian and world record catches for his clients on conventional tackle as well as saltwater fly, plus tournament wins (including the Port Stephens Interclub and the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic), are as long as a tag pole.
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Anglers often keep a handful of locations that inspire them and draw them back, fuel their daydreaming, recharge their soul and sooth their itchy casting finger. Whether it’s just the amazing fishing or a combination of this and the scenery, serenity, wildlife, family history and good memories, these destinations see us planning months ahead, accumulating a few new toys and meeting around the BBQ to discuss the finer details of the adventure. There are two locations like this for me – the largest sand island in the world and heritage listed Fraser Island, and the spectacular Hinchinbrook Channel. Let’s journey to the latter, load our gear and venture into tropical north Queensland.
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The ways of Weipa
Mark Bargenquast | September 2016

The tuna action has been fantastic in Weipa lately.

Winter time in South East Queensland can be quite tough at times, with plenty of long days out on the water resulting in just a couple of fish or even less. Up here in on the western cape however, the fishing couldn’t be better.
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Seeing red in the Brisbane River
Liam Fitzpatrick | September 2016

Vibration baits are a fantastic option for the Brisbane River’s population of resident snapper.

These days, most anglers associate the Brisbane River with a healthy population of snapper that can be targeted all year round, but back in the day when City Cats were non-existent and there was only one Gateway Bridge, consistently catching snapper in the Brisbane River was not a common occurrence.
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Time for a recreational fishing licence
Sean Thompson | September 2016

In NSW, all the money raised by the Recreational Fishing Fee is spent on improving recreational fishing.

Queenslanders are lucky in many ways. Our beautiful climate, beautiful beaches, three of the world’s largest sand islands and a fantastic variety of fishing. Unfortunately though, there are a couple of areas where we are still behind the eight ball compared to the rest of Australia. One such area is the lack of net-free zones across the state. This has been compounded by the lack of an all waters recreational fishing license and all the benefits it brings.
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