Boom time in Ballina
Joe Allan | December 2016

A quality whiting taken on Bassday Sugapen in the new C264 colour.

It seems as if the end of the year has rolled around very quickly, and it certainly seems we rushed into summer at a great rate of knots. The water temperature has kept climbing steadily, and now the warm water has really gotten things going.
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Some are prawn with greatness
Greg Clarke | December 2016

Who doesn’t mind a feed of prawns for Christmas? Not those frozen things you get at the fish markets, but fresh ones caught and cooked at home and iced ready for a feed the next day, washed down with a cold beer. The best prawning time this month will be right on queue for the Christmas and New Years period, with the new moon on the 29th. The week leading up to Christmas and the week after will be excellent.
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Techniques on the cast
Michael Collison | December 2016

This time of year, fish move around the edges of the dam to feed. I find that 10ft or 3m is the magic depth that fish are actively feeding at, so I put my boat around that 15-20ft mark and target the fish. The hard part is to find the lure they will eat and the technique that the hungry fish will respond to.
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Summer is Iluka’n good
Ross Deakin | December 2016

Nothing beats the smell of long, hot summer days and afternoon storms, except summer whiting frying in the pan. Great fish have been caught around the sand flats, especially on the Yamba side and local beaches. They’re being caught on poppers and the popular Bassday Sugar Pens in the 70mm 4.3g size.
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Mulloway save summer bags
Dave Gaden | December 2016

December is here with the promise of warmer water and pelagic fish offshore. Expect mackerel, both spotted and Spanish to have made their normal early run to Shark Bay on the north side of Woody Head, as well as Freeburn Rock to Shelly Headland to the south.
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Cool fish are shallow
Peter Phelps | December 2016

Spring hung around a little longer this year. Both the local impoundments have been running a few weeks behind from where they were last year, with colder water temperatures. This is great news, because December is usually the transition month into summer deep patterns. If this cooler weather holds up, this should keep the fish shallower for longer.
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Dust off the baitcasters
Glen Stewart | December 2016

Long walks will hopefully be rewarded with some opening day cod… where will your first cast be?

The predawn glow out to the east has me smiling, the air is cold, my breathing is heavy. Droplets of dew propel forward off my boots with every stride like little glass tracer bullets, grass seeds piggyback my trousers, hitchhikers to destinations unknown. The track I weave glistens behind me in the grass, it’s a track, a journey I’ve taken many times on this day. But this is not just any day, it’s cod opening day!
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Freshly flushed freshwaters are lush
Adam Townsend | December 2016

Plenty of rain has fallen over the last few months, filling the local dams and clearing out the rivers. They’re headed back to their normal flows just in time for another Murray cod season.
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Flat out with flatties and jacks
Josh Dunn | December 2016

Flathead will be in great numbers around mangrove-lined banks.

December is set to be an eventful month. It’ll kick off with some hot weather and a hot bite in the canals. For me, the two main species to target this month are jacks and flathead. In saying that, many other species won’t be far behind them – GTs, big-eye trevally, bream, whiting and more.
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