Yamaha launches new 25 and 90hp models
Steve Morgan | April 2017

Not only is the Yamaha F25 lighter than its predecessor, but it’s only a two-cylinder and has a substantially smaller physical size.

At the recent Yamaha Dealer Conference and Media Launch at Couran Cove on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Yamaha proudly announced a suite of new products, but the highlight for media and dealers alike was the unveiling of their new 25hp and 90hp models. These outboards effectively complete their four-stroke range, which now offers everything from 2hp to 350hp.
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Looking for a new Mercury, Brisbane Marine has you covered.

Brisbane Marine is a business on the rise with a growing stable of brands, service and sales second to none, to now offer boaties a one-stop shop for all their boating needs.
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Bonito 5m tiller steer with 90hp Suzuki
Steve Morgan | April 2017

Adam Webb knows the ‘Pin like the back of his hand, and took the opportunity to show us around on the test day.

Built on the banks of Queensland’s famous Jumpinpin, fibreglass Bonito boats have carved a nice little niche for themselves in both the commercial and recreational fishing markets. There’s a handful of crabbers that put serious miles on their Bonitos in their local area – running 150hp tiller steer outboards. That’s on the 5.6m version, which we’ve tested over the years at Fishing Monthly, and you can Google “5.6m Bonito” to see the article and videos.
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The Savage 525 Scorpion Pro in action.

Hazelwood Pondage in Gippsland Victoria is an artificial lake created to provide water to cool the Hazelwood Power Station. In recent times it has become better known as the home of barramundi in Victoria. The barramundi fishing is only a recent addition and the pondage has always had many recreational uses. On this occasion, it was the perfect venue to test out the Savage 525 Scorpion Pro, as the weather on the coast was less than ideal.
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The job ready to go – tyres can be moved in exactly where the hull will touch the ground.

Boats are meant to go on and off trailers – at the ramp, that is. And while the boat is in the water, it’s pretty easy to give the trusty trailer a once over to see that all is well.
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SeaJay’s 550 Velocity Sports is a big, beamy boat. With near-maximum allowable beam (for towing) and a mile of deck space, this rig covers a pile of inshore and offshore applications.

It’s a real lucky dip when we get to take a boat out for a test. Sometimes we’re cursed with billiard-table flat seas. Other times we are blessed with a bay that looks like a washing machine. It’s these rough days where you can really find out what a hull can do. After all, there’s no such thing as a crappy ride on a calm sea.
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That’s a decent live well. Optioning for one that large would be great.

So you’ve got your own boat. As it’s coming from the factory, there are options aplenty. Customisation of features is something that a lot of makers are putting across the table these days. The options can be highly attractive too, with factory spec sheets showing such goodies as live wells for bait and catch (plumbed or otherwise), extra seats with accompanying spigots, drink holders, berley buckets, custom wraps, a bimini, storage bins, rod lockers, rod holders, rod racks, cleats and rails, cockpit lighting, deck wash and side pockets.
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Don’t overpower that boat!
Wayne Kampe | December 2016

Here we see a small craft lifting it’s bow to plane. Within a few boat lengths the craft returned to a normal, flat attitude.

It’s a strange thing about human thinking: bigger seems to be better and faster seems to be more fun! Maybe it harks back to primitive times, when brute strength and fleetness of foot ensured survival.
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New Zealand plate boat manufacturers McLay Boats continue to make inroads into the Australian market with their quality aluminium trailer boats. Their range includes everything from tiller steer styles to cuddy cabins and hard top cruisers. All are manufactured with fishing and recreational boating in mind.
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