Welcoming the weed
Justin Willmer | December 2016

Weed – we curse it, pick it off our baits and lures and avoid locations because of its presence. For fish though, weed beds offer shelter, increased warmth and also salinity levels in the salt, along with a home for the creatures that they feed on like prawns, crabs, baitfish and snails.
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Aquayak Ranger sportfishing kayak
Peter Jung | December 2016

Pumicestone Passage was a great location to test the Aquayak Ranger kayak. A morning glass out made it a pleasure to go for a paddle.

Aquayak Kayaks are Melbourne-based kayak manufacturers who pride themselves on producing high quality, value for money kayaks, made using Australian plastic, which is UV certified and guaranteed not to crack or fade. This guarantee is supported by a five-year warranty on all of their kayaks.
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Lake Kurwongbah by kayak
Reece Thomas | December 2016

Mark Masters with a healthy bass just shy of 50cm.

Lake Kurwongbah, also known as Sideling Creek Dam, is situated on the northern suburbs of Brisbane approximately 40 minutes drive from the Brisbane CBD. The dam is used primarily as a water supply to surrounding suburbs but has become host to water activities such as water skiing, and of recent years, kayak paddle craft and fishing.
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Kayak Hotspot: Burrinjuck
Toby Grundy | November 2016

As a kayak destination, Burrinjuck was low on my list of potential hotspots, but that changed in 2015 after the inaugural Greg Whitehead Memorial Challenge. During the challenge, I witnessed several anglers catch monster fish from their yaks including the 100cm winning fish. Since then, I’ve been a frequent visitor to the dam and caught some great fish. It’s still a bit of a sleeper as far as kayak fishing goes, but that’s changing.
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Kamikaze kayak crabbing
Justin Willmer | November 2016

Last year I wrote about chasing crabs and crayfish from the kayak. There’s no doubt that the kayak is an ideal vessel for chasing crustaceans. You can launch anywhere, travel across shallow areas to get to deeper sections of creeks, even portaging if necessary. You can get up in amongst the structure that often houses these tasty critters, including weed beds, standing timber and mangroves. After a couple of recent experiences with ‘share cropping’ – people checking my crab pots for me – I decided it was time to go kamikaze!
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Boom time for Blur Rock bounty
Corey Gallagher | November 2016

A truly magnificent setting in the foothills of Mount Baw Baw, Blue Rock Lake is a spectacular place to target freshwater species in Victoria. Surrounded by steep, wooded banks, the lake’s edges are jam-packed with fallen and standing timber, combined with rocky points, drop offs and reedy flats. The fish holding structure within the lake is plentiful to say the least. Located in Gippsland near the small township of Willow Grove, just over 1.5 hours east of Melbourne, Blue Rock is easily accessible and perfectly suited to kayak anglers.
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Hotspot: Lake Burley Griffin
Toby Grundy | October 2016

Lake Burley Griffin is an incredibly consistent fishery where golden perch, Murray cod and redfin can be caught all year round in good numbers. This is especially true for those who use a kayak, as there are pockets of lake which benefit from a finesse approach and can’t be fished effectively from land.
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Turning to the dark side
Justin Willmer | October 2016

Sunrise and sunset are peak bite times and magic times to be on the water.

Busy lives can often see us anglers struggling to get out on the water as much as we would like and the ability to make the most of small windows of time is one area where the kayak comes into its own.
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Giving a dam about Ewen Maddock
Bob Thornton | October 2016

Ewen Maddock Dam is home to some seriously large bass, like this absolute pig caught by Doug Thornton. Don’t come under-gunned, or you’ll be fruitlessly trying to dig them out of weed and sedge grass all day.

Putting kayaks into dams can often be frustrating. Being a large body of water, they’re usually susceptible to weather and can be overrun with power craft. Because of this, I was very relieved when I first launched my yak into Ewen Maddock Dam on the Sunshine Coast several years ago.
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