Learning from the ‘experts’
The Sheik | September 2016

Occasionally, when I get tired of putting red-hot pokers into my eyes, or twisting parts of my anatomy around a barbed wire splint, I turn on the television, specifically to watch a fishing programme or two.
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Sort it out later
The Sheik | August 2016

My better third starts to get concerned when she sees me cleaning the boat. And I mean cleaning the boat, not taking the rods, cast nets and dead herring out of it. It’s not a common thing for me to do and once she sees it, she knows there are traumatic times ahead.
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Swipe right for a good knot
The Sheik | July 2016

Round and round and round and round and round. I’m not talking about the federal election, or about the ceiling fan after just one sample of rum from the special Boobies Batch. Neither am I referring to my physical description on Tinder, if I ever was to go on Tinder, which I haven’t. In fact I don’t even know what Tinder is, and anyway, what’s wrong with that? Except that I don’t know what it is.
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The ‘too hard’ box
The Sheik | June 2016

Something happens to me the minute the boat slows down and the anchor goes out and it comes time to throw a line in. Those plans I’d spent days, weeks or months organising in my tiny mind drift away like feral kites.
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Beware of Boobies’ homemade rum
The Sheik | May 2016

When I was younger, I thought I had all the answers to fishing, but now I know I don’t even have some of the answers. And that small amount of answers I have are only to some of the questions. Combine those two facts and it’s apparent that being on the water involves a state of constant learning if you don’t want things to go completely pear shaped.
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Incompetence 101
The Sheik | April 2016

Applying yourself to your hobby to try to achieve a result is a nice feeling. It’s even better when you manage to get to where you wanted to go despite setbacks. Not that I’d call fishing a hobby. Maybe a sickness, a passion, an infatuation, a love affair, a sordid secret, a sad addiction or a problem depending on whether you’re talking to me, my significant other, or members of my extended family. Or the Dudds, in which case, fishing is a distraction. It allows the Dudds to get away fr...
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Duddly happenings
The Sheik | March 2016

So our annual trip left us with an annual number of stuff-ups and duddly happenings. I’m sure these sorts of happenings happen to other fishers, but I’m not so sure they happen with the frequency that our happenings happen.
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Who cares about a big barra anyway?
The Sheik | February 2016

What is it about barra that’s so special anyway? I’d definitely like to know because Skipper gets one about 2ft long or so and suddenly he’s a celebrity, poncing about like he’s done something clever like a two year old with a nappy nugget. It may have been a little bit over 2ft long but that’s not the point really. Barra are so last year.
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I guess we’ll sort it out later
The Sheik | January 2016

There’s an old saying that hangs around the Dudds like a blowie around a dag – ‘sort it out later.’ There is a time however, when “sort it out later” becomes an issue, and that time is now.
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