Sandy Claws is coming to town
Gordon Macdonald | December 2016


The warmer months are prime times for scoring a feed of crabs throughout Southern Queensland. Many anglers will set crab pots in hope of scoring succulent crabs to add to their seafood feast. Moreton Bay and the mouths of the estuaries offer the chance to secure some quality sand and blue swimmer crabs. Further into the estuaries numbers of large mud crabs can be found. Whilst both can be taken with the same crab pots and pickup dillies they each have different size and bag limits. Having the correct apparatus and approach for each species will obviously heighten results. It is extremely important to have your crabbing apparatus legal and correctly labelled otherwise you are open to receiving stiff fines from fisheries for any breaches.
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Sussing out snapper rigs
Luke McCredden | November 2016

Dan Lee loves lightly weighted rigs in his home waters of Port Phillip Bay.

In fishing, there is a fine line between landing a trophy fish, and not even getting a bite.
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SnakelockZ weedless rigs
Gordon Macdonald | October 2016

Soft plastic shads and prawns are common fare for species like cod, jacks, barra and trevally and many other species. SnakelockZ rigs come in an array of hook sizes and head weights. The weight off any hook size can easily be added to another hook size, w

Mangrove jack and estuary cod become more frequent catches in rivers and estuaries in the warmer months. These fish like the meanest, gnarliest structure, which gives them both refuge and ambush locations. They commonly dart from the structure, engulf prey and head straight back into the thick of it, in the blink of an eye. Anglers need to get their offerings extremely close to the structure to elicit the strike, so having an offering that is unlikely to foul on structure is a major advantage.
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Rigging paravanes and trolling boards
Gordon Macdonald | September 2016

The yellow apparatus on the left has a keel so is therefore a paravane. The blue one in the middle is a bit of a hybrid and the white one on the right (which looks similar to a small surfboard) is a trolling board. All these will do a similar job however

Anglers fishing in Moreton Bay waters will begin to see an increase in the number of school mackerel during September. Often found in the main channels, around structure such as beacons and on the outer margins of the bay islands, school mackerel offer anglers some tasty table fare.
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Feeling a bit nippy? Time to crack out the crabs!
Richard Somerton | August 2016

Let’s face it, crustaceans play a large part in the diet of many fish species, with prawns, shrimp, yabbies and of course crabs. So it makes sense to use lures that imitate these common food sources. For this article I will be focusing on crabs and the lures and techniques I use to catch fish. The main species I target are bream but these techniques can be applied to any fish species that eat crabs.
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Bullbar rod holders – getting legal
Gordon Macdonald | August 2016

Bullbars used to be fairly flat across the front and anglers would simply put one or two rod holders onto their bullbar and they were set to go. Bullbars are now more stylish ND shaped to wrap around the front profile of vehicle. Commonly they are only sq

During the latter part of winter and early spring, many anglers make the exodus to Fraser, Stradbroke or Moreton islands or further south to target tailor, mulloway and other beach and rock dwelling species.
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Getting rigged for luderick
Gordon Macdonald | July 2016

Centrepin reels like this are ideal for targeting luderick as they allow the line to peel off the spool with minimum resistance. Alvey make a good portion of the blackfish reels readily available with a total of six models that vary in price from $100 to

As the inshore waters cool, anglers who make the effort can be rewarded with quality luderick or blackfish. Not a species that is regularly encountered by chance, specific targeting is required for consistent results.
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Snagging an EP
Luke McCredden | July 2016

The EP bug bit Brett Geddes many years ago, and he still love tangling with these mysterious estuarine predators.

Estuary perch weren’t something I took a lot of notice of, or even tried targeting until I was in my twenties. I guess I didn’t have a good understanding for the species and in the early part of my life, wasn’t doing a lot of estuary fishing.
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Slide bait basics
Gordon Macdonald | June 2016

Monofilament is reputed to give the slide bait rig a smoother transition down the line, so many anglers solely run mono on their reels. However, for increased capacity, some anglers predominately load their reels with braid and just use mono for the final

Over the last few years, slide baiting has become a popular technique for anglers targeting large game from the beaches and rocks. This technique basically allows you to deploy a large bait further from shore than previously possible. You don’t cast the bait, only the sinker. After you have cast the sinker, you attach the slide bait rig with bait attached and float it out using the current, or a gentle lifting of the rod tip. After numerous large Spanish mackerel to over 40kg were caught with this technique at Fraser Island, more anglers have been keen to try this exciting form of fishing.
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